Business Intelligence

  • Which product ranges contributed to my lower margins?
  • How did my promotional offers impact the sales of products that were not promoted?
  • Which of my product ranges were adversely impacted by supply chain delays and in which geographies?
  • How did increased credit limits from vendors affect my Return on Investment or ROI?
  • What products do I remove from next year’s range, to accommodate my new offerings?
Nihilent Analytics, with its cross functional consulting team, identify the KPIs across all functions in your enterprise and tie them to them to your enterprise data warehouse created from all your transnational systems and external data sources impacting your business.
  • Skilled in both traditional data warehousing and business reporting across multiple dimensions
  • Domain Expertise and Business Knowledge
  • Skilled in deriving useful Information from multiple Data Sources
  • Experts in Intelligence Gathering and Presentation
  • Skilled at Planning and Architecting end to end solutions

Business Intelligence – Powered by TurfView Analytics

Are you looking for a cost effective proven solution to draw actionable insights from your internal and external data sources to take time sensitive decisions ?

Our TurfView product suite brings your data together, provides statistical insight and generates reports. Turfview is ERP agnostic and provides customized reporting, whatif analysis, KPI reporting with predictive modelling to aid in proactive decision making. Turfview works across industries and addresses business needs for manufacturing, sales and marketing, spend analytics, operations and supply chain.

We also provide BI services using your tools like Spotfire, Tableau, Qlikview.