"We are a vibrant and constantly growing company, looking for people who will grow with us."

We welcome self-motivated people who have an eye on the future, a will to succeed and a passion for work. We encourage a ‘can do’ attitude and foster creativity and initiative.

At Nihilent Analytics, you will work with people with a multitude of skills, and we encourage you to chart out your own path according to your unique skills and aptitudes. We, on our part, pledge to provide a stimulating environment, a global platform for your talents, respect for the individual and unlimited scope for growth. We look to our employees to create, innovate and ultimately provide satisfaction to our world-wide base of customers.

Apart from an attractive remuneration package, we provide continuous training and upgrading of skills to our employees.

Immediate Opening : Data Scientist, Revolution R Programmers, SQL Server Database Professionals, Java and .Net Programmers
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