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During your visit through the Nihilent Analytics website, certain ‘non-personal’ identifiable information is gathered, how you reached our website, your geographical position, whether you are a first-time or repeat visitor, like how long you visited the pages, etc. information is collected through cookies stored in your computer. This information is used to analyze the traffic to our website. Only during submission of specific enquiry forms/request for quotations/download of collaterals, certain personal information is sought and collected, to serve the request better/answer specific queries/to send collaterals to appropriate recipient.

In case you wish to opt-out of this information collection, you are requested to refer to your web browser’s options and seek notifications about cookies and/or to disallow cookies completely.

This website’s ‘content’ contains information, illustrations, data, documents, pages, presentations and images prepared by Nihilent Analytics. We encourage the accessibility, obtainability, distribution, propagation, exhibition, presentation, download and re-production etc. of the content, verbatim, only on the condition that you include the copyright notice “© NIHILENT ANALYTICS”. However if you wish to use this website’s content for commercial purpose like sales, marketing, advertising, production, etc. or you intend to modify the content, you must obtain permission from Nihilent Analytics. To obtain such permission please send your feedback through the contact details provided on our “Contact Us” Page.